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Double-bosonization construction theorem for irregular R-matrices

发布时间:2021-04-13 作者: 浏览次数:
Speaker: 胡红梅 DateTime: 2021年4月17日(周六)上午9:00-10:00
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Place: 六号楼2楼报告厅
Abstract: This is a joint work with Prof. Naihong Hu.We will build up the related theory of weakly quasitriangular dual pairs suitably for non-standard R-matrices (irregular),and establish the generalized double-bosonization construction for irregular R-matrices,which generalizes Majid's results for regular R-matrices. As an application, we will take about the type-crossing construction for the exceptional quantum group of type G2. This affirms Majid's expectation that the tree structure of nodes diagram associated with quantum groups can be grown out of the node corresponding to U_q(sl_2) by the (generalized) double-bosonization procedures.